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State Deaths Per Million in Dec 2012 - Dec 2013







Map of US Gun Deaths Dec 2012-Dec 2013

This above map shows the gun deaths in the USA between mid-December 2012 and end of 2013 year. The color of each state in the map reflects the deaths of all genders and ages per million of that state's population. The markers shows gun death distribution by cities. The radius of the marker reflects the raw number of deaths while the striped sections represent the gender distribution. Clicking on the marker will display further information about the gun death in the corresponding city. On the right the filter allows to choose to show one or more genders on the map. Also, the filters allow to choose one or more age group. When "filter" is pressed, the map and the markers will update accordingly. Clicking on "Clear Filters" goes to the initial map

The design principles beind these decisions are maximizing data density by using different visual markers to display most of the data, providing legible comments and labels in the map key as well as in the pane that is showing city details. Also, in this work I emphasize the design principle of not using unjustified 3D by involving multifunctional markers. The colors in this visualizations were chosen carefully to provide the best contrast in color and in monochrome.

Note that the data was preprocessed using python in a python notebook to generate state and city frequencies.


The data was normalized by the state population estimates for the years 2012-2013. For a more accurate representation, the data should be normalized on a city level. Also, please note that there are other factors to gun death rates including socio-economic status. Moreover, there is no direct relationship between the state/city gun laws and the gun death rates, as guns can be easily smuggled from other states or cities.


Please note that you need to select both desired age range(s) and gender(s) before filtering.

Out of Curiousity...

Out of curiosity, I worked further with visualizing the raw data. I created the following word cloud to show the most common female names among those who were killed by guns in the given time frame.

Similarly, I created a word cloud to visualize the most common male names under the same circumstances.

Please note that high frequency of names doesn't necessarily correlate with gun death, it could be solely due to some names' popularity over others.

I created an animation to view the timeline of gun deaths in the given time frame. Every line in the plot below represents a victim. The line height is the victim's age at death. The line color and location according to the y-axis represents the gender of the victim. The line location on the x-axis represent the chronological order to that victims death date. Some interesting patterns are sotted here like a probable school shooting. Please click on the button to start the animation.